Social Work

College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences
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Degree Options

On-Campus Degrees

  • Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
  • Minor in Social Welfare

Online Degrees & Certificates

Who Would be Interested in Social Work?

  • Traditional and non-traditional students
  • Second-degree-seeking students
  • Students interested in a professional degree in a helping profession
  • Students interested in practicum/internship opportunities within the degree program

Why Social Work?

  • Many different job opportunities available with a social work degree
  • Program highly respected throughout the region
  • BSW Program accreditation since 1977 and MSW Program in candidacy for accreditation with the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)
  • Social Work faculty with many years of direct social work experience
  • Highly dynamic, interactive classes with flexible scheduling

What Are the Requirements to be Admitted to the Program?

  • Students have to go through a program admissions process to demonstrate their commitment and potential for success in the BSW and MSW Programs. Students may take pre-social work courses prior to being admitted to the program.
  • Students have to have a minimum 2.5 GPA to be admitted into the BSW program and a 2.7 GPA to be admitted into the MSW program (3.0 GPA and BSW for advanced standing).
  • The online BSW and MSW Programs have asynchronous courses with rolling admission.

Where Are Recent Graduates Employed?

  • Social workers partner with individuals, children, families, organizations, and communities to maintain social welfare and advance social justice. 
  • Many work in mental health, home health and hospice, long-term care,  hospitals, justice system, child protection, domestic violence prevention, addictions treatment, and community organizing.
  • The specific type of social work job depends on your level of degree. Individuals with a BSW focus on generalist practice and individuals with a MSW focus on advanced generalist practice in an interprofessional environment. 
  • Social work provides a foundation for other jobs not traditionally identified as "social work." For example, this course of study can lead to a fulfilling career as a social work educator or researcher. 

How Do I Get More Information?

On-Campus BSW Information

Erin Stevenson, PhD, MSW
BSW Program Director, Assistant Professor


Evelyn Jones, Social Work Program Office Associate

Online BSW & MSW Program Information

Laquanda Miller, BSW Online Enrollment Advisor

Stefanie Binion, PhD (ABD), Assistant Professor
MSW Program Director & Online Coordinator

Amanda Stoddard, MSW Assistant Online Coordinator

Are There Scholarship Opportunities?

Eastern Kentucky University offers a range of academic scholarships designed to reward scholastic achievement and enhance the university community through the attraction of academically talented students. Review scholarship opportunities.  

Through the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Human Services, we offer a scholarship program that will pay for two years of tuition and expenses for undergraduate students who in turn agree to work for the Cabinet upon completion of the degree. It is the public child welfare certification program (PCWCP).

Scholarship have been created exclusively for social work students. Find more information about eligibility and apply for the scholarships online.