Manufacturing Engineering

College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Engineering Students at EKU creating robotics and 3D printed materials

Degree Concentrations

  • B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering

Who Would be Interested in Manufacturing Engineering?

Manufacturing engineering focuses on the design, development, and optimization of production systems and manufacturing processes. It involves the application of principles of engineering and the use of technology such as advanced materials, robotics, automation, and computer-controlled systems to improve manufacturing processes.

Students who would be interested in Manufacturing Engineering as a career include those who:

  • are interested in an exciting, rewarding, and in-demand career. 
  • want to solve important problems that make people’s lives better.
  • like to apply math, science, and creative problem solving to make the products that we all rely on.

Why Manufacturing Engineering?

Manufacturing engineering plays a crucial role in the production of goods and products that are used by people around the world. The B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering degree leads to a career with great return on investment, career satisfaction, and graduates are in demand.

Learn from the Best

  • Faculty are experienced as both engineers and educators.
  • Faculty are committed to and invested in student success.
  • Small class size and excellent faculty ensure a supportive and effective learning environment.

Internships and Co-Op Opportunities

  • The Manufacturing Engineering program has significant involvement with local and regional industries in support of the classroom curriculum.
  • Internships are required, which students routinely keep as part-time positions throughout their education.
  • Internships greatly increase your chances of having a rewarding and high-paying job waiting for you upon graduation.

Rewarding Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Manufacturing Engineering program are prepared for professional careers in numerous local, regional, and world industries. These include automotive, aerospace, medical, and technology. Engineering graduates are valued in many other areas as well, due to the emphasis on math, science, and problem solving.

What Are the Requirements to be Admitted to the Program?

  • Students may select Manufacturing Engineering upon applying to the university.
  • Students with a minimum of 27 on the Math subsection of the ACT exam (650 Math SAT) can place directly into calculus. Placement exams and resources are available and encouraged for students not meeting these criteria.

How Do I Get More Information?

Michael S. June, PhD., Program Director
School of Engineering, Aviation, Construction and Technology
301A Whalin Technology Complex 859-622-1185
Engineering Technology Management

Are There Scholarship Opportunities?

Information is available online.

In addition to university scholarships, four department or program-specific scholarship opportunities are available. These include:

  • Ed Swinford Scholarship
  • Paul A. Laslo Family Scholarship
  • Ralph W. Whalin Scholarship
  • William Sexton Scholarship