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Minor in Legal Studies

Who Would be Interested in Legal Studies?

Learn the law in a whole new way! The Legal Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary, liberal arts study of the law. In this program, students learn about the development of the law and how law interacts with and changes society. While an excellent major for students considering law school and legal careers, it is not intended for pre-law or paralegal training.

Why Legal Studies?

All students in the Legal Studies Minor must complete either a three-hour cooperative study in a legal setting or conduct a legal studies research paper. Students have the opportunity to do cooperative work in courts, law firms, nonprofit legal organizations, and other legal settings.

What Are the Program Requirements?

Core Requirement: 3 hours

  • LGS 300: Introduction to Legal Studies

12 Hours Legal Studies Electives: 12 hours
Co-op or Research Requirement: 3 hours

  • LGS 349: Applied Learning for Legal Studies (1-8)
  • LGS 400: Legal Studies Senior Seminar (3)


Where Are Recent Graduates?

  • William & Mary Law School
  • University of Kentucky Law School
  • Eastern Kentucky University Master in Public Administration

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