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Honors Curriculum

Students in the EKU Honors Program complete either the Honors Maroon or Honors Gold curriculum path. Students entering the honors program in their first semester of college complete the Honors Maroon path, which requires 19-25 credit hours of honors coursework spread out over the course of their EKU career. Students entering the honors program after their first semester in college complete the Honors Gold path, which requires 13-18 credit hours of honors coursework during the rest of their EKU career.

Our honors curriculum paths are personalized to your specific major and educational goals. 

Want to know specifics about how your major, prior credit, and educational goals might shape your EKU Honors experience? Email us at ekuhonors@eku.edu

Who Would be Interested in EKU Honors?

If you answer yes to these questions, EKU Honors may be for you!

  • Do you enjoy intellectual challenges in a variety of subjects?
  • Do you like to read and share your ideas in creative ways?
  • Do you like to explore new and challenging points of view?
  • Do you wish to work closely with a dynamic community of curious students and faculty?
  • Do you enjoy learning about and collaborating with people who are different from you?
  • Do you want to engage in original research?

Why EKU Honors?

EKU Honors is a dynamic, supportive learning community available to EKU students in any major. Honors students complete 18-25 hours of creative and innovative honors courses designed to replace general education credits you may still need and enhance your EKU experience.

As an honors student, you’ll take classes with professors who are excited about the material they’re teaching and who care about you and your learning. Honors class sizes average 18-20 students in highly interactive, discussion-based settings. You’ll be surrounded by students who take their academic and professional goals seriously but still enjoy their college experience.

EKU Honors has a $2.5 million endowment that we get to spend on student research, travel and study abroad opportunities. Membership in EKU Honors does not require an additional program fee.

How Can I Apply to EKU Honors?

  • Priority deadline for applications is January 15.
  • Final deadline for applications is April 1.
  • Applications include a resume and three short essay.
  • EKU Honors uses a holistic approach to reviewing applications. There is not a minimum ACT/SAT or GPA required for application or acceptance.

What Do Honors Scholars Do After Graduation?

  • Pursue professional (law, medicine, pharmacy, etc.) and graduate degrees at institutions across the country
  • Utilize the vast network of other EKU Honors alumni to gain employment in their chosen discipline
  • Travel the world teaching English as a second language
  • Live out EKU Honors’ culture of service in their communities

How Do I Get More Information?

Benefits of EKU Honors

As a member of EKU Honors, you’ll enjoy many perks and benefits:

  • $500 one-time scholarship for your first year of college (students entering honors during their first semester of college only) as well as free parking on campus for your first year.
  • Priority registration so you get the classes you need
  • Eligibility to apply for Honors Trailblazer Grant funding toward study abroad or study away programs
  • The option to live in the Honors Living Learning Community (LLC), located in either Burnam or Martin Hall
  • Recognition at graduation with our signature maroon cap, which identifies you as an EKU Honors Scholar. Your transcript and diploma will also recognize your accomplishments.
  • Use of the Honors Study Lounge, located near honors classrooms and offices
  • Extended library checkout privileges, including the ability to check out materials from EKU's Crabbe Library for up to four weeks