Honors Program

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Honors Options

  • Honors Flex Curriculum: designed for students entering EKU Honors in the fall of their first year of college. Students in this curriculum are required to complete 25 hours of Honors coursework that can be used to complete general education credits.

  • Honors Current/Transfer Curriculum: designed for students entering EKU Honors after their first semester. Students in this curriculum are required to complete 18 hours of Honors coursework that can be used to complete remaining general education credits.

Who Would be Interested in EKU Honors?

If you answered yes to these questions, EKU Honors may be for you!

  • Do you enjoy intellectual challenges in a variety of subjects?
  • Do you like to read and share your ideas in creative ways?
  • Do you like to explore new and challenging points of view?
  • Do you wish to work closely with a dynamic community of curious students and faculty?
  • Do you enjoy learning about and collaborating with people who are different from you?
  • Do you want to engage in original research?

Why EKU Honors?

EKU Honors is designed for students who want an in-depth college classroom experience with a strong grounding in a liberal arts education. Whatever your major, you'll take advantage of our small, interdisciplinary classes that can replace some of your general education requirements. Before you graduate as an Honors Scholar, you'll complete an honors thesis on the topic of your choice. As an honors student, you'll get to know your fellow students and professors at our monthly pizza suppers and on trips to local theatre and dance performances, the Kentucky Opera, and the annual meeting of the National Collegiate Honors Council, where it's common for more students from EKU to present their work than from any other honors program or college in the nation. In EKU Honors, the friends and memories you make will last a lifetime.

How Can I Apply to EKU Honors?

  • You must apply and be accepted to EKU before you can apply to EKU Honors.
  • EKU Honors holds one application cycle each year, opening in early August and closing the second Monday of January each year.
  • Applications include an essay, a letter of recommendation, a creative short answer, and a resume.
  • EKU Honors uses a holistic approach to reviewing applications. There is not a minimum ACT/SAT or GPA required for application or acceptance.

What Do Honors Scholars Do After Graduation?

  • Pursue professional (law, medicine, pharmacy, etc.) and graduate degrees at institutions across the country
  • Utilize the vast network of other EKU Honors alumni to gain employment in their chosen discipline
  • Travel the world teaching English as a second language
  • Live out EKU Honors’ culture of service in their communities

How Do I Get More Information?

Scholarship Opportunities

  • All EKU Honors students receive the Honors Books-on-Loan Award, which pays for all of your books for all of your courses for 8 semesters. Students attending graduate school at EKU after graduating as an Honors Scholar may also utilize the Books-on-Loan Award for their graduate degree.
  • Students who do not qualify for higher level of EKU tuition scholarship will receive the Honors Provost Scholarship of up to $4,000 annually.