Master of Science Athletic Training

College of Health Sciences
athletic training

Who would be interested in this program?

 People who are interested in a career in sports medicine and allied health  care, like working with both acute care and rehabilitation.  Athletic  Trainers work in a wide variety of settings from Professional Sports, Colleges, High Schools, clinics, in industrial and corporate settings, in performing arts, law enforcement, US Military, NASCAR and Indy Car.

 List specific requirements for this program:
 *Program Admission Requirements
 All applicants for the program need to apply using ATCAS the Centralized  Application Service for Athletic Training. All required application materials, information, and documents to complete within ATCAS are found on the AT Program website and the program handbook.

 *Program Pre-Requisites Courses

      -Basic Anatomy (3) and Human Physiology (3) or A & P I (3hrs) and A & P II  (3hrs)
      -Exercise Physiology (3hrs)
      -Biomechanics or Kinesiology (3hrs)
      -Statistics (3hrs)
      -Strength & Conditioning (3hrs)
      -Medical Terminology (3hrs)
      -Intro to Psychology (3hrs)
      -Intro to Athletic Training or Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries (2-3hrs)

       -Undergraduate Cum GPA 2.50 and a 3.0 GPA in Pre-Requisite Courses
      -50 Hours of documented clinical observation/experience under an ATC  obtained within 2 years  
        prior to program application. Hours must have been  obtained under an AT, hours under the  
        supervision of a physical therapist DO NOT count unless the individual is dual credentialed as an 
        AT and the hours  were obtained in a traditional athletic training facility or field setting  not in an
        outpatient physical therapy clinic.

After submission of the ATCAS application, the review commitee will issue an initial acceptance decision. Post-acceptance students will be required to complete the post-accept requirements outlined on the website, to include the graduate admissions application.

    -Completion of a College of Health Science Required Criminal Record  Background Check and  
      Supplemental MS in AT Program Health Records and Forms  (see AT program website or handbook for more 

  **Additional Program Application Requirements to the EKU Graduate school can be found at AT program website.  The following application materials are requirements to the to the Graduate school office:

       -Graduate School Application and Fee
       -Official Transcripts
       -GRE Scores; TOEFL Scores as needed

Where are recent graduates of the program employed?:

 -Dallas Cowboys
 -Cincinnati Ballet
 -University of Alabama Football
 -University of Nebraska Football
 -Marshall University Athletics
 -University of Kentucky Sports Medicine
 -Various High School / Clinic's in KY, MD, TX, OH 
-Pittsburgh Pirates
-Houston Astros  

 How do students get more information?

 Please contact:

 Dr. Matthew Sabin-