Globalization and International Affairs

College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences
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Degree Options

B.A. in Globalization and International Affairs

Who Would be Interested in Globalization and International Affairs?

Students who:

  • Want to work in an international arena (domestic or foreign)
  • Speak (or would like to learn) a foreign language
  • Simply want to become more "international"

Why Globalization and International Affairs?

Globalization affects every aspect of your life (politics, economics, education, culture...). Understand the world around you!

Businesses and governments need employees that understand how the world is connected.

Interdisciplinary study prepares students for the modern workforce and changing economics demands.

What Are the Requirements to be Admitted to this Program?

Students may select Globalization and International Affairs upon applying to the university.

Where Are Recent Graduates Employed?

Globalization and International Affairs is a new program. We are working on compiling a list of our graduates.

How Do I Get More Information?
Contact Dr. Lynnette Noblitt

Are There Scholarship Opportunities?

The College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences offers Kennamer Scholarships for Study Abroad and for study on campus. These scholarships are only available to the six departments in "Social and Behavior Sciences," including Globalization and International Affairs.