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Cyber Systems Technology, B.S. (Network Security and Electronics Concentration)

Cyber Systems Technology, B.S. (Tech Systems Concentrations)

Minor in Computer Electronics Technology

Cyber Systems Technology, B.S. (Network Security and Electronics Concentration) + Applied Engineering and Technology Management, M.S. (Network Security Management Concentration)

Degree Concentrations

  • Cyber Systems Technology, B.S. (Network Security and Electronics Concentration)
  • Cybersystems Technology, B.S. (Tech Systems Concentration)
  • Minor in Computer Electronics Technology
  • BS/MS Accelerated "3+2" Dual Degree Program in Cyber Systems Technology and Applied Engieneering and Technology Management

Who Would be Interested in Cyber Systems and Technology?

  • Do you enjoy setting up computer systems, networks and electronic gadgets; and learning about new technologies such as wireless, online security or gaming systems?
  • Are you looking for a challenging career in this area?

If so, the BS degree in Cyber Systems Technology is for you!

  • As a graduate of this program, you will gain the skills necessary for working with industrial, financial and military organizations in a variety of roles, such as a network administrator, electrical or electronics communications technologist.
  • All laboratories in the major are personally supervised by highly qualified faculty members.

Why Cyber Systems and Technology?

The programs are fully accredited by the Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE) through 2017

Learn from the Best

  • The program has four full-time tenure-track faculty members.
  • All faculty members are actively involved in teaching, scholarly work, and service and have also been recognized for their excellence in teaching.
  • Their work has been presented at peer-reviewed national conferences and published in journals related to wireless, sensor, vehicular networks, computer/control systems and security, education, and training.
  • Their work has been recognized by best paper awards and with grants.
  • They serve as editors, board members, technical event judges and coordinators, conference/session chairs, reviewers, technical trainers, consultants regarding computer networking systems for local industry, government and non-profits, lead workshops, serve on various university committees, and as advisors for student organizations in the areas of computer networking security and applied engineering.

Internship/Co-Op Opportunities

  • Students may participate in the cooperative education program at EKU in areas related to computer systems, networks, electricity & electronics.
  • Cooperative education is highly recommended, and students may use up to 4 credit hours of approved work in a related industry toward major requirements.
  • Students work as IT, computer support, helpdesk, network, web developers, electrical interns, etc., with local industries.
  • Often students use this as a way to transition to full-time employment following graduation.

Rewarding Career Opportunities

A combination of coursework, extensive lab-activities, elective co-operative education opportunities, and certification preparation for all majors in the program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed for installing, configuring, maintaining, and managing computer network systems and security and modern electronic devices.

Graduates of the computer electronics programs hold job titles such as:

  • Network Administrator
  • Network Specialist
  • Technical Help Desk
  • Electrical/Electronics Technician
  • Network Technician
  • PC Systems Specialist
  • System Administrator
  • Computer Support Specialist

Job prospects are very good for graduates with strong technical, communication and teamwork skills, computer network certifications, co-operative and practical experience.

What Are the Requirements to be Admitted to the Program?

  • Students may choose Cyber Systems Technology upon applying to the university.
  • The major emphasizes mathematics. Students seeking to enroll should complete any math developmental requirements (if needed) at the earliest.

Where Are Recent Graduates Employed?

  • Madison County Schools
  • Commonwealth Technology
  • L3 Communications

How Do I Get More Information?

Dr. Vigs Chandra, Program Coordinator
(859) 622-1187

Prof. Jeff Kilgore
(859) 622-1204

Dr. Ray Richardson
(859) 622-1200


Are There Scholarship Opportunities?