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Agriculture Education

Engineering/Technology Education

Occupational Training & Development

Technical Education

A.A.S. in Career and Technical Education

Degree Concentrations

  • B.S. in Career and Technical Education, Agriculture Education
  • B.S. in Career and Technical Education, Technical Education
  • B.S. in Career and Technical Education, Engineering/Technology Education
  • B.S. in Career and Technical Education, Occupational Training & Development
  • A.A.S. in Career and Technical Education
  • Career and Technical Education Professional Certification

Who Would be Interested in Career and Technical Education?

  • Students interested in teaching middle school, high school, and post-secondary subjects in agriculture, engineering, technology, manufacturing, construction, communications, transportation, or other occupationally related fields
  • Students having an interest in and who enjoy working with technological devices and solving technical problems in agricultural, business, industrial, and human services settings; plus, a desire to share their knowledge and skill with others

Why Career and Technical Education?

  • We live in an increasingly complex technological world. Helping others to be successful in that world is one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching technical subjects.
  • Well-qualified teachers and trainers in these subjects are always in high demand.
  • The program is accredited through its affiliation with the EKU College of Education and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Learn from the Best

  • Faculty in this program have many years of both teaching and work experience in their related fields.
  • Many are nationally recognized through their service to professional, business, and industrial organizations.

Internship/Co-op Opportunities

  • Teaching and training internships in school and/or business settings are a required part of this program.
  • Co-op opportunities are available to assist with acquiring needed technical and professional skills.

Rewarding Career Opportunities

Teaching and training career opportunities exist in public and private schools, technical centers, higher education institutions, and in certain business, industrial, and health services organizations.

What Are the Requirements to be Admitted to the Program?

Career and Technical Education options require all:

  • Pre-service teachers to meet the general education knowledge for initial teacher preparation requirements (see College of Education section of the General Catalog).
  • In-service teachers of occupational subjects to meet the standard EKU admission guidelines.

Career and Technical Education options require all:

  • Pre-service teachers in the "technical education" option to have a minimum of 2,000 clock hours of planned and supervised work experience in the occupation in which they will teach or a minimum of three years of approved work experience in the occupation in which they will teach. Students must also take the PRAXIS II Specialty Examination before graduation.
  • Candidates earning a degree that leads to pre-service teacher certification must take the PRAXIS Series (Professional Assessments for Beginning Teachers) and PLT (Principles of Learning and Teaching) exams as a requirement for graduation. Candidates are encouraged to review the schedule for PRAXIS and PLT registration deadlines prior to beginning the senior year. Specialty exams are required for each certification area sought, and it may take more than one test date to complete all requirements. Candidates should confer with their education advisor/counselor to determine the most optimal time to take required exams.
  • Those desiring eligibility to teach in pre-engineering education programs at the middle school and high school level should take the following general education courses: CHE 111, MAT 107 and 108, PHY 131.

Where Are Recent Graduates Employed?

Graduates are employed throughout Kentucky and across the United States at:

  • Public and private middle schools
  • High schools
  • Community and technical colleges

How Do I Get More Information?

Are There Scholarship Opportunities?

Scholarships include:

  • Rodney Ratliff Scholarship
  • Ed Swinford Scholarship
  • Ralph W. Whalin Scholarship
  • William Sexton Scholarships