Physical Education

College of Health Sciences
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Degree Options

  • B.S. in P-12 Teaching
  • B.S. in Fitness and Wellness
  • B.S. in General (non-teaching)
  • B.S. in Pre-Athletic Training/Pre-Physical Therapy


  • Minor in Coaching (non-teaching)
  • Minor in Dance Certification (teaching)
  • Minor in Dance (non-teaching)
  • Minor in Physical Education (non-teaching)

Who Would Be Interested in Physical Education?

Students who love sports and exercise and who have an interest in working with people to improve their health and fitness and/or athletic performance would be well suited for these options.

Why Physical Education?

The P-12 Teaching option is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and by the National Association of Sport and Physical Education.

Learn From The Best

Faculty in this discipline are experts in physical education, dance, fitness and wellness, coaching, and exercise science. Many are regionally and nationally renowned in their fields and contribute to the discipline through scholarly publications in journals, books, and newspapers, presentations at professional conferences, leadership positions in professional organizations, and regional stewardship projects in the service region.

Internship and Co-Op Opportunities

Students in the P-12 Teaching option complete a student teaching practicum during their final semester. Students in the Fitness and Wellness option perform an internship at a fitness or wellness agency during their final semester. Co-op opportunities involving work at a fitness/wellness, sport, or physical education agency are also available.

What Are the Program Requirements?

Students in all program options must meet the requirements to be admitted to the University. Once enrolled for a year, the P-12 Teaching option requires a minimum GPA of 2.75 and approval by a selection committee to be admitted to the option.

Where Are Recent Graduates Employed?

Graduates of these options are employed as:

  • Physical Education Teachers
  • Wellness Directors
  • Strength and Conditioning Specialists
  • Fitness Leaders
  • Personal Trainers
  • Coaches
  • Dance Teachers

How Do I Get More Information?

Are There Scholarship Opportunities?

Merit Scholarships based on academic excellence, leadership, and service participation are awarded to students in the program.